Colors of Autumn – Pittsburgh 2007

November 7th, 2007

The peak of fall colors in Pittsburgh this year was not optimal due to the late warm temperatures and rainfall during primetime, but there were still bursts of red, orange and yellow here and there. Have a look.

Pittsburgh Skyline at magic hour from the south side
Pittsburgh Skyline at magic hour from the south side
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The sun peeks over Gateway Center at sunrise
The sun peeks over Gateway Center at sunrise
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End of Daylight from Schenley Park
End of Daylight from Schenley Park
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Daytime skyline duratrans on WTAE set featuring photographs
Daytime skyline duratrans on WTAE set featuring photographs
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Interview area of WTAE Set featuring photographs
Interview area of WTAE Set featuring photographs
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Nighttime skyline duratrans on WTAE set featuring photographs
Nighttime skyline duratrans on WTAE set featuring photographs
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Colors of Autumn – Pittsburgh 2007
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  1. Kiersten says:

    Your photography is absolutely beautiful. I love photography of cities, and I particularly love Pittsburgh as a city … And your photography of Pittsburgh is nothing short of perfect. Thanks so much for sharing your photography fo all to see. I live in Central PA but get to live in the city vicariously through these photos!

  2. Yinzer says:

    I love your three sister photo. After coming back to pittsburgh this is such a stricking feature of this city. The hills, and the bridges. I was out in a flat and boring town for three years. I came back to the burgh, and nothing beats the terrain and character.

  3. William says:

    Great shots Matt,,it looks like you still had some color there..I will make my way in Pittsburgh agian around Wed of this week…Take care

  4. Stephen says:

    This set is a real treat. The PA colors are great this year! This summer I visited U Pitt for an open house and I just loved the city. This is second only to being there!

  5. cm says:

    I cannot wait to come home next week. I miss this town so much.

  6. Jake says:

    Unbelievable photographer. I like how you capture every aspect of the city and it’s personality. Pittsburgh is a city where the majority of it’s residents are 100% proud of where they come from. What’s not to love about it? We have our own language, best football francise in the NFL, most livable city in America, and home to the second nicest view in America. And you’ve captured every one of those qualities, a lot of people who have never been here think it’s a dirty, ugly, dreery city. They take one look at your work, they will have a whole new outlook. PS, is work work available for purchase?

  7. As a lifetime Steeler fan, I can’t thank you enough for these wonderful photos. I am in Eugene, Oregon and it is beautiful here, but you have shown me the beauty of a place I knew only in my imagination- Georgeous-and now I cant wait to come visit the City- not just for a game!

  8. Clara Carlucci says:

    The photos are great almost makes me want to go up and visit.

  9. Jason Steele says:

    These are great. You are an amazing photographer and now I am sad that I’m not coming home for Thanksgiving this year.
    I would love to see some photos of forgotten places like the Candy-Rama downtown before it is demolished.
    Also, did you change the security restrictions on the images? I used to be able to right-click and make the photos my computer desktop wallpaper. If so, I understand but I really loved having these photos on my two computer monitors.


  10. Once again. You are amazing. The best. Thank you for what you are doing for the Burgh.

  11. Marsha Morris says:

    These pictures are incredible!!! I download a lot of pictures from Webshots, but their pictures cannot compare with yours.
    Thank you so much for these pictgures

  12. Katie says:

    Thanks so much for such beautiful photos. After moving away from Pgh after college six years ago, I’m finally moving back in early 2008. I’m so excited!!, and these photos help fan the flames!

  13. mark e k says:

    I took my girlfriend who is a born and raised floridian back home to watch the steelers spank the seahawks. I think she now knows why I talk about my hometown so much. And why I bleed chipped ham.

  14. chris says:

    Again! A beautiful collection of an equally beautiful city. There is no place like Pittsburgh…..”Is that you Dorothy”?

  15. joyce says:

    Left Pgh in 1965 for LA area but my so called roots are back there.

    I was so excited when Klondikes came to LA…

    Chipped ham; oh I grew up on it, but now realize it’s all FAT…..

  16. aaron says:

    Love the pics, love the city. Keep up the great work!!!!

  17. Lisa Matthis says:

    i love your pictures.. i’m a native pittsburgh gal.. grew up in the south hills and graduated from the current home of the AAA state football champs TJ!! i live in Mooresville, NC now and don’t get home often, but your site cures that for me.. thanks for sharing your wonderful photo skills!! 🙂 Go Steelers!!!

  18. Matt,

    What a wonderful site to come to when I am homesick. The song of my old school alma mater rings true….I love Pittsburgh and the many townships and areas around this majestic place.


  19. Young Rizz says:

    These are by far tha best pics of the Burgh on the web & being from the city of steel they are touching the hearts and capturing the attention of many, many peaople…………………keep it up and stay up. 1

  20. Rizzy Rizz From Mckees Rocks says:

    Simply Superb photography…………not much more i can say……………….simply superb!

  21. Ernest says:

    Outstanding work, to say the least!!!

  22. Chris Thropp says:

    Pittsburgh is the most beautiful city. This site is a tribute to that. I am moving back next year and am counting down the days! See Yinz soon!

  23. Larry says:

    Sure do miss P’burgh.

  24. Rita Maguire says:

    they are beautiful I live in Fla. and miss the fall weather and going to Seven Springs to see the leaves

  25. Janis Jade says:

    Absolutely gorgeous !

  26. amanda muzzie says:

    i am so happy to be a part of such a wonderful city. goooooooooooooooooo steelers!

  27. MR. HAMMOND says:

    what a thrill to tell people that I know you. your pics are very special. Keep it up Matt

  28. John says:

    I am sooo homesick seeing this beautiful photography. I live in Hollywood, FL (aka South America) and I am just sick of the heat, these people and the crap this area has to offer. Keep the umbrella drinks Governor Crist, this is far from Paradise. I’ll take the Stillers and the cold ANYTIME!!!!!! I’ll be back!

  29. Janie says:

    Hey Matt, your pictures are great. I left the Burgh about five years ago and these pictures really remind me of what I left behind.. Keep up the good work, I’m glad I found this website, I’m sure I’ll be back often.

  30. Rachel Barry says:

    Thanks so much for the absolutely beautiful photography of Pittsburgh! Originally from the Pittsburgh area & I’m right now going through a meltdown of home sickness.

    Is it possible to order any of your photos suitable for framing? Please reply by email if they are available.

    Rachel Ann Barry

  31. Rich says:

    Do you sell any of the photos

  32. Retro Richard says:

    Matt: I’m just a lonely little petunia in a Chinese patch…longing, as do we all it seems…for my old home town. Your affection for the city, and attention to the little bits and pieces that make the ‘burgh the special place it is for us are very clear in your work. I’ve managed, somehow, to get a couple of pics to save to my desktop, one of lightening strikes over downtown from below the point, and another of the cable car up to near where my mom was born back in 1917. They never fail to draw comments from my Chinese friends…positive ones, even envious.

    But, now that I see all the pricing info and such I’m feeling guilty. Is there a fee I should be paying? Or is there a window of opportunity for those of us whose homesickness is assuaged by your work to download one or two or three for wallpaper?

    Thanks…for a reply if you have time, and for your work if not!

    Richard Bruce Graham in Qingdao, China

  33. Ralph Fetsko says:

    The pictures are magnificent. However, I wish to know if you have any of teh towns and cities up the rivers, or any of East Pittsbugh such as teh bridge there?

  34. jason says:

    the Forbes / Fifth Avenue corridors in oakland, between Magee Hospital and all the way up to Penn Avenue, has some amazing buildings and scenery. Do we need 1,000 photos of downtown? man of them are very nice, but lets face it- in the day time, it looks old and tired. this website needs more photos of squirrel hill, oakland, brighton heights, swisshelm park, etc.
    there are many beautiful areas of the city that suburbanites or visitors from other regions do NOT see, because these areas are tucked away from the universities, hospitals, and other attractions.

  35. Omar shire says:

    i love the archtecture of Pittsburg, but iam from norway, i will must visit pittsburgh one day, my fav city in USA. GOD BLESSS AMERICA

  36. kennedy says:

    You have taken sooo many breathtaking pictures of this beautiful city. But I must say, I think these rank up there with the best of them all. I could look at these pics all day!

  37. zack says:

    This is awesome i love these pictures! My older brother lives in pittsburgh i dont, but every time i get to go there i love going through the tunnels, because once you get to the other side Boom! the skyline just takes your breath away.

  38. BETTY THROPP says: