Pittsburgh in Winter – January 2008

January 7th, 2008
Pittsburgh skyline from the newly re-opened 31st street bridge.
Pittsburgh skyline from the newly re-opened 31st street bridge.
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Snow graces houses along Grandview.
Snow graces houses along Grandview.
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16th Street Bridge, Allegheny River, Pittsburgh
16th Street Bridge, Allegheny River, Pittsburgh
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Orange steel beams frame One PPG Place
Orange steel beams frame One PPG Place
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Wintry Pittsburgh Scene and the Duquesne Incline.
Wintry Pittsburgh Scene and the Duquesne Incline.
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Pittsburgh in Winter – January 2008
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  1. Timothy Gilliam says:

    Im currently stationed at Ft. Carson, Colorado with the United States Army. Its beautiful out here but it doesn’t have the feel Pittsburgh does, I’ve lived there my whole life. From the Homestead area, live about a 5 minute walk away from the Waterfront…. can’t wait to come on back!!!

  2. mark e k says:

    How long until the spring photos come out?

  3. Jessie says:

    Wow, You take wonderful pictures of the city. I’m 17 and recently moved to VA, and I swear, no city in the world could compare. I love how you have pictures of everything and from everywhere. Thanks for taking them. Keep updating. :]

  4. Tom Opferman says:

    I left Pittsburgh in January of 1954, came to California. Been back several times since then and always found it hard to have to leave again. The pictures of the city are wonderful . I was wondering if any pictures of the outlying towns are available. As I remember riding the street cars from Bethel Park to downtown we would go through many old and quaint areas. One thing that comes to mind is the old shakey wooden trestle that would make you hold your breath while going over on it, just before coming into the junction. I would like to see pictures of that kind of Pittsburgh history, On my last trip “home” My sister took us into Pgh. via the street care line and I was surprised to find my self on a train like conveyance that now went through Mt. Lebenon and ended underground somewhere in Pittsburgh. And I only had to show my red-white-and blue card for the fare. Yes Pittsburgh is a wonderful city.

  5. Lynette says:

    We left The Burg 9 years ago in August and as of last Monday learned we are headed back! I have been praying for this day for several years and my dreams are coming true. Unless you are from Pittsburgh you can not imagine how that place grows on you. Matt, your website has kept me going these last nine years and I tell everyone I know about it. Thank You!

  6. Joe says:

    I always thought of Pittsburgh as an just airport connection on the way to somewhere else… someplace with the things that I think are important in a city, picturesque views, interesting history, a proud and noble culture deserving of preservation, recreation, great libraries and museums, and friendly people. Little did I know I had passed over such a place many times.

    My best friend sent me this URL. She is a Pittsburgh native, and has been proudly extolling the city’s virtues ever since we met 1½ years ago. From all I have seen, heard and experienced of Pittsburgh since then, she hasn’t exaggerated one bit. She even managed to turn me into a Pittsburgh Penguins fan!

    And with her as a guide, I plan to spend many hours of many days exploring my new favorite city. And when I can’t, I will visit this site often. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

    Lexington, KY

  7. Alison says:

    These photos make me so happy I decided to move back to Pittsburgh. You truly don’t know what you have until it’s gone!

  8. Tim says:

    I was born and raised in the “steel city”. Moved to the other side of the state 20 years ago. These pics brought back some great memories. I only wish Pgh. could develop their downtown more residential like Philly and keep the town bustling 24/7. I’d move back in a minute!

  9. mark e k says:

    LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!!

  10. Erik says:

    Awesome photos and awesome site. As someone across the country going to school, I have this bookmarked and visit often!

  11. Lisa Weith says:

    Great Photos!!! Reminds me of what I’m missing living in California!!

  12. Lisa says:

    I’ve moved 2 years ago to NC…I never thought you could miss a CITY like I miss Pittsburgh. It’s home and always will be home. Like someone above said…whenever he flys in and here’s “this is our final desent into the Pittsburgh area”… I too feel the tears come to my eyes…I’m finally home…

  13. Elmer Smith says:

    These photos are outstanding. I always loved the view from the West End Overlout. Brings back memorys. Thanks

  14. Carol & Joe says:

    Thanks a bunch! Once a Pittsburgher, always a Pittsburgher! We still even root for the Pirates! Not easy to do in NYC!

  15. gail ryave says:

    theres no place like home……getting better all the time…

  16. John Flores says:

    I am a native Southern Californian & I’m a HUGE fan of the Steelers , Pirates & Penguins. Yes, I’ve been to Pittsburgh 6 times. Been there in 1989 – 1991, 1997, 1998 & 2000. Haven’t been back to the ‘burgh since November of 2000, to see the Eagles – Steelers game at Three Rivers Stadium. I’ve been to 5 Steelers’ games, 4 Pens’ game & 1 Pirate game. Never been to Heinz Field nor to PNC Park. Though , I’ve seen it on T.V., but it is not the same. My first time there, in 1989, I was treated like I was one of the family. I really do miss Pittsburgh & one day soon, I’ll be back.

  17. These pictures remind me when I was a little boy. My dad, mom, brother, & me would visit my dads family in East
    Liberty and Monesson. My dads family came from Italy to Monesson. The people of Pittsburg are more friendly than
    in Philadelphia where I was raised.

  18. lona bergless says:

    Great pictures of pittsburgh, Proud to say I live here.

  19. Cubical says:

    Great pics making me homesick…spent a lot of time there as a kid, remember going to the Steelers games in the late ’70s.. living in sunny Scottsdale, AZ now, missing the burg…must be a mid life crisis coming on… 🙂

  20. Jawad says:

    thanks for the pivtures, actually it’s very amazing to look at this beautiful landscapes waw once again thanks


    sharon, PA

  21. Autumn says:

    i’ve lived just moments away from the Burgh for 31 years and i’ve rarely had the pleasure of visiting. I just stumbled across your page. I’ve seen some of these views myself and they are breath-taking from every angle. I love that you can capture the spirit of the city for us to see any time. Good work! I hope some day to be as spectacular with the camera. Your work is a real inspiration for aspiring photographers. Thank you for sharing your work.

  22. tamara says:

    you captured my childhood… just amazed here… in cali

  23. carol says:

    The city shows the warmth and love of all those who lived and now live there. It is home too many boyh physically and mentally. Loved the pictures.

  24. Colleen says:

    Thanks for finding the best in our city. I moved away (WV, Rochester, NY and Memphis) after college and 3 years later returned with my new husband, now he’s a true Pittsburgher along with our three kids. Everytime we go to church from the South Hills to the North Side (ACAC) we love going through the tunnels and experiencing the best welcome any city could give. To all the homesick folks–move back, you will never regret it, even in the winter.

  25. Rory Sierocki says:

    please please please make more pictures of pittsburgh it would realy make me happy and i love this site

  26. Rich says:

    Great shots! Love to show these to those who have never been to the Burgh and watch their surprise.

    Your picture with the caption ‘North Side Winter’ captures the still elegant Rooney (yes, those Rooneys) home on the right juxtaposed against the fast food and urban buildings that have overtaken the rest of the neighborhood. The Rooney home (and the church) stand as a monument to another time.

  27. Rory Sierocki says:

    man i dont live here but these pics make me feel at home


    Just wanted to thank you for some great memories of the old town, it has changed a lot since I lived out in Homestead, Hazelwood, and then Oakland back in the thirties, forties, but it is still grand and beautiful, but cleaner. Thanks

  29. Lee Ann says:

    I just came back from vacation in PGH. I hadn’t been home in 13 months and I cried on my flight back all the way from the Pgh. Airport (as soon as we took off) to the Charlotte airport. I’m sure the guy sitting next to me thought I was crazy. I am soo homesick. I live in TN and absolutely HATE it. To come home to Pittsburgh is the greatest thrill for me. It’s soo beautiful and the people are still soo warm and friendly. I lived in California for almost 20 years and I’ve been everywhere throughout the U.S. and Pgh. is still the best city to live in!!!!!!! Hey Matt….thanks soo much for the beautiful pics. Would you consider doing a Kennywood theme? How about a PhantomFrightNight album – Fall – 2009??? I was just there and the last night was 11-1-08 and it was AWESOME!!! Kennywood still rocks!!! My fiance absolutely LOVES it!!!

  30. Laura says:

    Loved the pictures!!! We went to a Steelers game mid-November and it is unbelievable how much the city loves the Steelers. The sites were breathtaking, and I loved every minute I was there. I can’t wait to visit the city again, and hope to move there soon!

  31. Harry says:

    WOW! The frosty shots of Pittsburgh have tears in my eyes. I miss home so bad. I felt bad for taking my wife away from her job at Bayer because of my career move. She has yet to find work and it gets harder all the time. IF I EVER get the chance to come back it’ll be for good. Thank you Matt. Your work is truly special!

  32. Butch Beduch-Lecker says:

    Love the pictures. Yes there is NO PLACE LIKE PITTSBURGH I lived there from 1982 till 2006 and I miss the city very much. I love the weather here in Florida but Pittsburgh is always in my heart. Butch

  33. chris says:

    ATTENTION ALL PITTSBURGH TRANSPLANTS: If you are homesick and want to be close to home. Log on to http://www.kdkaradio.com between 6 and 9 am., and listen to the morning show streaming live on the internet. It contains national, international, and local news, but most importantly, they throw in all the stories that make Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh. It’s the next best thing to Matt’s work or going home to visit!!!

    Peace…and GO PENS!!!! GO PITT!!! OK Pirates…your turn

    Yes, this is a shameless plug for the city I love!

  34. Marc says:

    Can’t wait to visit, thanks for the photos

  35. yvette says:

    Absolutely FANTASTIC Matt.

  36. JANE HULL says:


  37. Jawad Zair says:

    I do live in pittsburgh city, it just an amazing city , thanks for the pictures please keep them coming

  38. jeff says:

    in Denver and am in tears … one day i will be back


    Grew up on the hill, in the district, worked at Forbes Field, The Stadium, and Jones & Laughlin. Left when I was seventeen for the Military. Left, but my heart has never been with me. Steelers have followed me around the world. My dad used to tell me on Game days when they were in the mud and slush that they were winners, he never lived to see it but he was right. And so are the folks of the town the is beautiful, and was back in the dirty smog days. Go you guys., or is it yinz guys?

  40. brazilian says:

    I looove Pittsburgh! I was there last summer and impossible not plan to come back, especially after seeing these pictures. great job!

  41. Rajmohan Maudshetty says:

    Great pictures.
    Very eagerly waiting to visit Pittsburgh.

  42. daniel porto says:

    i will be there soon,fantastic photos!!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    I love your city I had a transplant there and i fell in love with Pittsburgh I lived there for a year by myself and then years latter i came back a lived there again to have my transplant i always wanted to move back but family is more imporant to me I wish I could get them to move there i would move there in a hart beat

  44. Leo Madeira says:

    I came from Brazil and lived in Pittsburgh for 35 years.
    I do miss the City, Friends and Family.
    Just got transfered to South Carolina, it is making me home sick

  45. nancy in NY says:

    These photos really made me homesick for my home town. You have captured the heart of this great city. There is no other like it. I grew up on the south side and I am amazed at the transformation when I go home to visit. I just may have to move back.

  46. Paul from Belgium says:

    Enthusing series of pictures. Makes me long for goning back to Pitssburgh…

  47. Hi, I am living in North Carolina now. Moved from Florida over 3 years ago. Wil started school full time and I was no longer needed to take care of him. Shannon moved to NC after she got married and needed my help with her new born (my grandchild) so here I am. Ally is now 4 soon to be 5 in April.
    What are you all up to. Did you ever move to Florida. I loved the photos. I would like very much to hear from you. Hope everyone is well. Is your son in college now. Your friend Dolly

  48. John D says:

    Born in Pittsburgh in 1945. Left at age 9 when my Dad transferred to Philadelphia. Have been back a number of times and really miss my hometown where my parents and relatives grew up. So many great memories from the late 40’s and early 50’s. Pittsburgh really goes to your soul.

    My wife constantly kids me when I tell her I am going to get a glass of “warter”.