September 4th, 2007

WTAE-TV Pittsburgh debuted a brand new set on September 4, 2007 featuring two 126 inch by 54 inch panoramic duratrans photographs of Pittsburgh that I took back in June. Each original photo averaged 24000×10500 pixels in dimension for clarity that is finely resolved at 10.5 feet.

Here are the originals along with the cropped equivalents that are employed on the new set.


Cropped version:


Cropped version:

In action:
Daytime skyline duratrans on WTAE set featuring photographs

Interview area of WTAE Set featuring photographs

Nighttime skyline duratrans on WTAE set featuring photographs

UPDATE: June 16, 2009 – KDKA-TV has debuted a new set featuring images. The final versions used on set vary slightly, with some items added or removed.
KDKA new set nighttime duratrans source.

KDKA daytime duratran source.

KDKA interview stand-up duratran source.

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